About Us

We have been operating a large network of vehicles for over 40 years.


Our taxi network includes five companies: Nexus Cars, Radio Cabs, Tameside Cars, A1 Private Hire & Cavalier Cars.

We have been operating a large network of vehicles for over 40 years.


Order your taxi from us for a fast, reliable and quality service.


All our experienced drivers are DBS checked and drive the most reliable, clean and safe vehicles for you to travel in comfort.


Our trusted taxi network includes five companies: Nexus Cars, Radio Cabs, Tameside Cars, A1 Private Hire & Cavalier Cars.


Utilising this network our huge fleet of executive saloons, black cabs and taxi minibuses can seat up to eight passengers.


Many of our cabs are adapted to easily carry wheelchair and pram users meaning we have a vehicle for all our customers needs.


We operate throughout the East Manchester and Tameside areas including:


Ashton-under-Lyne Audenshaw, Denton, Droylsden, Dukinfield, Hyde, Mossley, Mottram, Stalybridge, Manchester and Manchester Airport.


Call to book 0161 344 5555 or visit Book Online


We also have an easy to use app for Android and iPhone.


A taxi service tailored to you

There are many options you can request to shape your taxi experience and make the booking process easy and simple.

Call Back Service

Don't be left waiting out in the cold. Call Tameside Taxis and order your taxi. “Your taxi is on it’s way” When your taxi arrives, we'll call your phone. “Come outside, your taxi is here ”

Preferred Vehicle

If you require a particular type of vehicle then let us know. We can put a permanent note against your address, so we will only send you that type of vehicle. Contact us and we will help.

Regular Bookings

If you have regular taxis to the same places, we can schedule them so you never need call. We can even include your holidays so we won't come when you're away. We can even fix the fare.

Satellite Tracking

Using our Satellite Tracking System we can monitor all of our Taxi's and tell you exactly where your Taxi is if you ever need to know.


Many of our taxis use LPG Autogas and environmently friendly fuels. We measure our C02 emissions for every mile we travel so we can continue to cut it down.

Address Notes

If your house is hard to find why not tell us about it. We will add a permanent note to our drivers so they will always know, without you ever needing to tell us again. Contact us and we will help.

Safety Checks

All our drivers have passed an enhanced CRB check. We maintain a system of checks to show that our drivers and vehicles have valid current licences and insurance.

Interactive Voice Response

Using our "IVR" system you can get your call answered and your Taxi on it's way in seconds, but don't worry if you're not in a rush and prefer the personal touch you can always talk to our staff.


Choose from all our vehicle options

Lots of people? Large luggage? Need a mobility adapted vehicle? We’ve got you covered.

Any Vehicle

From a standard saloon car to our largest bus. Maximum size for our saloon cars: 4 x Passengers / 3 x Luggage

5 Seater or Black Cab

A spacious vehicle for large groups or to take large luggage on your journey. 5 x Passengers / 4 x Luggage

Wheelchair Accessible

All our drivers have received training on how to transport our passengers safely. If you have access needs for your travel, our accessible vehicles are great for wheelchair users. Up to 6 passengers and space for a Wheelchair.

Pram adapted

If you have a pram or personal shopping trolley many of our large vehicles have plenty of room. Up to 6 passengers and space for a Pram.

Xtra Large Vehicle or Minibus

Got something large to move? No problem, our largest vehicles have the floor room need to help you get that flat packed wardrobe home.


Travel in style at half the price.

Our prices are very competitive. We are the low cost, value for money taxi to get you where you need to go.

Our prices are very low

We have yet to find a company offering lower fares within a 30 mile radius.


If you travel with us, this is the basis of our charges:


  • For taxis between 6am and 11.59pm we charge Tariff 1
  • For taxis between 12 midnight and 5:59am we charge Tariff 2

If you have any special requirements …

If you have a pram, we will send you a Black Cab or a Minibus, but we will only charge the Black Cab rate.

If you need wheelchair access or extra mobility access, you will only be charged the standard rate.

When you order a taxi it might be easier for us to send you a minibus, even when only one passenger is travelling.

You will only be charged the standard rate.

We will only charge you the minibus rate if you have 6 or more passengers,

or if you have a load that is too big to fit in a Black Cab,

or if you specifically request a Minibus on booking.


How are we making the world more green?

Getting people to their destinations in a safe and reliable way is our main priority.

Equally as important for us is doing out bit to be more sustainable.

We aim to keep travel simple, efficient and as clean as possible.


The Tameside Taxi fleet consists of electric and hybrid vehicles.


Our system automatically allocates you the closest driver, making the mileage the driver has to travel to get to you as efficient as possible.

If you open an account with us, all our invoices are paperless.


When you book on our app you will get a paperless reciept sent to your inbox and viewable in your app.

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